Emerald City: Add a Little of 2013’s Color of the Year to Your Space


  Update your space by adding hints of this classic jewel tone in unexpected places. Candles- A great way to add a splash of color is to add emerald candles in a clear decorative vase and set it on a table or dresser. You can even step-it-up by adding colorful stones around the candle. Just make sure to blow out the flame after you walk out of the room.  Glass- Add some... Read More

Unique Wedding Ideas

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So you’re getting married. Congrats! Now for the tough part, planning a memorable day that represents both you and your fiancé in a way that’s unique and personalized. Here are some tips to get you started. Personalization – a wedding should be memorable for it’s uniqueness to the bride and groom, that’s why personalization has become such a large trend. Personalization... Read More

Purrfect Gifts For Your Pet


You’re making your list and checking it twice but have you forgotten something? This year, don’t leave your favorite, furry friend out of the festivities. Here are some cool ways to spoil your little pooch or feline this holiday season. Dogs: Freezy pups Dogs love to crunch on ice cubes so why not make your pooch a special bone-shaped treat using this cute tray. The possibilities... Read More

Help Your Cat Settle Into a New Place by Buttering it’s Paws


If you just moved to a new place and you noticed your cat is disturbed by his or her unfamiliar surroundings there’s a simple cure to put them at ease. According to the user kazmataz on Instructables.com, you just need to butter up their paws: “Hey cat people – next time you move, butter your cat’s paws before you let them outdoors for the first time at... Read More

Luigi Created from Falling Tetris Blocks


If you thought Tetris was all about clearing levels and high scores… Think again. John Schuepbach shows us just how crazy Tetris can be when he creates a Luigi from Tetris blocks. While some of us barely had the patience to sit through the four minute and forty second video and went straight to the final image, this Luigi was no easy task.  At over one hour of playing time... Read More

Facebook More Important than a Flushing Toilet


Use the toilet or update Facebook with pictures of last night’s drunken bender? That’s the pop culture question of our time. It’s true that Facebook offers a variety of features like giving us an opportunity to connect with old high school friends and online social games like Farmville to name a few but does it really supersede the almighty ‘Throne’?... Read More

Developer Talks About Randolph Tower Rehab, Interior Design


First, the good news: Six months into construction, Randolph Tower is on schedule and on budget. Michigan-based developer Village Green is converting the 45-story neo-gothic tower into 313 apartments, the first of which will be ready for occupancy next winter. Last week, Curbed chatted with Village Green CEO Jonathan Holtzman by phone about the status of the building and its place... Read More

10 Bizarre Deep Fried Foods


Let’s face it – fried foods taste good. Of course we have the classic deep fried foods like french fries, chicken and corn dogs which have become an American staple. People seem to crave that greasy, flavorful crispiness of all things deep-fried. You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at some of these bizarre deep fried food creations. I’m sure that just... Read More

7 Summer Recipes to Beat the Heat


As we welcome the warmer weather, we find ourselves dining alfresco and eating outdoors. The summer heat calls for something cooler and lighter than your typical winter comfort fare. For those of you looking for something unique to pair with your burgers and hot dogs, we’ve got a ton of fresh ideas for cool side dishes that are perfect for your next pool party, BBQ or picnic.... Read More

Village Green Resident Spotlight: LeasEquity


LeasEquity is an exclusive home purchasing program designed to assist you in realizing the dream of owning a home. In exchange for using the LeasEquity program to purchase your home, you will receive a cash back rebate for up to $4,000. This rebate can be used toward anything you want, such as a new High-Definition TV, a new entertainment system to impress your neighbors, a new... Read More