Thrill on the Hill- Top 5 Places for Sledding in Cincinnati

great-sledding-hill-paperThese are my top 5  picks for public sled riding spots in Cinci that are well known and as safe as any public sledding area can be.  but…please be careful.

1. Ault Park, 3600 Observatory Ave. in Mt. Lookout.  This park is usually pretty busy but there is enough room for everyone.

2. Devou Park, 1600 Montague Rd. in  Covington, Kentucky. Near the amphitheater and Swing School.  Can get crowded and the police are serious about getting everyone out by dark. 

3. Voice of America Park, Hamilton-Mason and Cox Roads – West Chester Township.  This is a  man made hill with a fence at the bottom.  This is a good pick for little kids.  The hill is just big enough and it won’t take forever for a small child to climb back up and take another run.

 4.   Clough United Methodist Church at the corner of Clough and Wolfangle in Anderson. Yes, this is private property but folks have been sledding here for decades without a hassle. 
5.  Stanberry Park, 2221 Oxford Ave. – Mt. Washington.   This is the place I spent every snowday as a kid and where my parents found me sledding when I “ran away” from my Aunt’s house at age 7.    I think its the most exciting hill. 

All these destinations have designated sled hills and plenty of parking.   They are near civilization (aka Micky D’s) so you can buy hot chocolate to warm yourself up after you’ve had your trill on the hill.

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    Great post! Thank you for adding the links too.

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