Top 10 Tailgating Gadgets & Gear

Want to be the the envy of all tailgaters? Of course! Here are some new and innovative tailgating gadgets to help you get your drink and feast on while waiting for the big game to start.


You’ll never be thirsty with an unopened beer in hand when you wear these handy sunglasses that also double as a bottle opener. Genius!


Freedom Flask

Paying the high prices of beer and alcohol at the stadium can put a major damper in your tailgating fun. Instead of breaking the bank, try this portable booze holder. You wear it around your stomach and the drain valve is located at the corner of the flask, making sure you get every last drop.


Cruzin’ Cooler

This clever gadget is a cooler that transports you safely from tailgate to tailgate while keeping your beer cold.


Tailgate Partymate

Need some extra room to spread out while tailgating? Forget the hassle with folding tables, this Partymate will give you plenty of space for cooking and laying out all of your tailgating spread.

Tow Hitch Kegorator

Forget the cans and try this kegorator on for size. Featuring a sound system that plays music for up to 12 hours without tapping your vehicle’s battery, this invention houses a keg and keeps it cold all day.


BBQ Sword

Because I can’t think of a cooler way to get your meat off the grill, can you? It even comes with a Zorro mask.


NCAA Branding Irons

Use this branding iron to show your team pride by charring your grilled steak or chicken with your team’s mark.


EZ Grill

Put the ease back into grilling. The EZ Grill is portable, disposable and green. It’s made from recycled aluminum, lights with one match and uses mineral oil rather than harmful igniting chemicals that can get into your food.


Stadium Pal Portable Urinal

The more you drink the more trips you are taking to the restroom. Strap on a Stadium Pal, stay out of the loo and spend more time with your friends, watching the game. The Stadium Pal is for men, but don’t worry ladies the company also makes a Stadium Gal.


Instant Beer Cooler

For emergency use only, this battery-powered device will chill a beer in just 60 seconds.


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