Funny Halloween Dog Costumes

Some people may think that dressing your dog in a costume for Halloween may be a bit excessive but what do they know? Some of the costumes for dogs these days are cute and funny. Check out these costumes posted below and let me know which dog costume is your favorite?


Is your dog super? Express it this Halloween with a superhero costume like Wonderwoman, Batman or Superman.

Star Wars

The Force will be with you and your dog this Halloween with these Star Wars dog costumes.


Is your dog a “little stinker”? Let’s hope not but this skunk costume is very cute.

Football Player

This Halloween your dog will be rumbling, stumbling, but not fumbling due the stitching on this football costume.


Your dog is your biggest fan and they are always cheering you on.

Headless Horsemen

Your dog isn’t a horse but he might eat like one. This costume is pretty cool bringing one of Halloween’s classic tales to life.

Is your favorite Halloween costume for your dog not shown? Share it with us by leaving us a comment.

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