Support Michigan Puppy Protection

House Bills 5230 and 5231 represent the Puppy Protection Act in the State of Michigan, fighting to finally crack down on despicable owners of puppy mills.  Sadly, our mighty State of Michigan has no laws in effect, preventing breeders from over-breeding or the inhumane treatment many adult dogs and their puppies are forced to endure.  To the breeders, these animals are simply dollar signs and nothing more.  Keeping dogs and puppies in deplorable conditions is just another day at the office for them! 

No good can come from over-breeding, it merely produces unhealthy puppies that will eventually cost their new owners hundreds or even thousands of dollars, if they live long enough to be sold!  Also, a puppy from one of these mills is highly likely to have separation anxiety that can develop from over-breeding the female mothers.  The lack of nutrition and an appropriate time frame between litters, causes health issues that trickle down to the unborn puppies.  Some owners get rid of dogs because of bad behavior, not understanding the real causes behind the behavior.  Hence the filled to capacity animal shelters.

Whether you are an animal lover or a pet owner, no animal should be mistreated for any reason, and especially not for profit!   The Michigan Humane Society has been an advocate for animals since 1877 and is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the country.  Many animals would not have had a second chance at life if it weren’t for the Michigan Humane Society and the wonderful people who support this stupendous organization.  To offer your support on Facebook, click HERE or to make a donations, check out their web site; Michigan Humane Society and enter your pet in the photo contest.  Choose to be a part of the solution!

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