Which roadside attraction in Minnesota is your favorite?

Apparently the person who coined the phrase “everything is bigger in Texas” hasn’t been to the North Star State. Minnesota is home to over 50 giant roadside statues/monuments and these statues have become landmarks having tourists coming from miles to have their pictures taken standing next to them. Here are some of my favorites:

Largest Viking- Alexandria, MN

Largest Viking Alexandria,MN
Thor has nothing on this viking! Weighing in at an impressive 12,000 lbs and standing 28 feet tall, this Nordic Viking represents the population of the descendants of Nordics who settled in the state of Minnesota.

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox- Bemidji, MN

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox- Bemidji, MN

The mythological lumberjack with his trusty companion Babe the Blue Ox. Tale or advertising campaign? Some historians argue that Paul Bunyan and Babe weren’t a tale but an advertising campaign for a logging company. Whether they are a tale or an advertising campaign, we all can agree that it makes a great story to tell.

Largest Peace Pipe- Pipestone, MN

Largest Peace Pipe-Pipestone, MN

This is a college kids’ dream come true! Can you imagine packing this bad boy up and smoking out it? I will leave that to your imagination. Enough of the funny stuff. This peace pipe sits next to the Rock Island Railroad depot in Pipestone, MN. This statue along with the depot helps to preserve the art of Pipemaking in Pipestone. You can read more about the history here.

Happy Chef- Mankato, MN

Happy Chef- Mankato,MN

I would be happy too if I didn’t have to eat my mother’s cooking every night! This restaurant is known for serving it’s breakfast all day like Denny’s and IHOP. You can read more here.

Giant Hobo- Starbuck, MN

Giant Hobo, Starbuck, MN

Hobo Park Campground is the home of this Hobo. There are many entertaining things to do in the area but the primary draw for the campgrounds is that it is within close proximity to Glacial Lakes State Park. You can read more about the campground here.

Big Hockey Stick and Puck- Eveleth, MN

Big Hockey Stick and Puck- Eveleth MN

The city of Eveleth, where babies are born with hockey sticks in their hand. Some of the hockey greats that are now in the United States Hockey hall of fame that were from Eveleth are: Mark Pavelich, John E. Connie Pleban, Mike Karakas, Frank Brimsek, John Mariucci, Wally Grant, Willard Ikola and more.

Snowman- North Saint Paul, MN

Large Snowman, North Saint Paul, MN

Built by the North St. Paul Jaycees, this is one snowman that can survive all the elements! Standing 54 ft tall, this snowman greets everyone with a warm smile.

Jolly Green Giant, Blue Earth, MN

Jolly Green Giant- Blue Earth, MN

Thanks to the Jolly Green Giant, I was succumbed to eating my vegetables so I could grow up to be as big and as strong as him. Well, his mother must have been using a shovel as a serving size because I ate my vegetables and I never got to be as big as him. This statue stands 55-feet tall and makes all the other statues look puny!

Which statue is your favorite?

2 Responses to “Which roadside attraction in Minnesota is your favorite?”
  1. John Hillsbery says:

    The only thing big in Texas is ego, Minnesota is way Better!

  2. BS Meyer says:

    It’s tough to name a favorite, but Big Ole is always a classic!

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