8 of the Worst Halloween Candies or Treats Ever

Here is a list of 8 of the worst Halloween candy or treats that kids hated getting. Please, if you haven’t already purchased your Halloween candy, avoid these candies or treats this year and make your Trick or Treater’s happy:

1. Peanut Butter Kisses

The sight of these orange and black wrappers alone would put fear in any kid on Halloween. These candies taste more like chalk than peanut butter.

2. Plain Potato Chips

Get it right, kids want candy not potato chips! If you are going to handout chips at least have the decency to handout flavored potato chips like BBQ or Doritos Cool Ranch.

3. Pennies

Really? Do you think any kid wants pennies on Halloween? You can’t even buy candy with them these days so please, keep the pennies in your piggy bank.

4. Apples

Apples or any fruit on Halloween totally defeats the purpose of Halloween. Kids want candy not a health lesson.

5. Black Licorice

Ugh!?!? Black Licorice is the worst. Thinking back, I might actually be happier with an apple or pennies instead of this candy.

6. Good and Plenty

Black licorice’s other half. I would like to find out who named this candy because there is nothing good about it but I sure received plenty of it on Halloween. This candy was always used as a bargaining chip the day after Halloween but nobody ever wanted them.

7. Bit-O-Honey

I used to call these candies a bit-o-garbage because they didn’t taste like honey at all. Seriously, I don’t know how this candy has survived this long.

8. Mary Jane

I wish candy makers would have stopped with Bit-O-Honey but they went a step further to make a knock off of Bit-O-Honey, Mary Jane. This is a great candy to hand out if you want kids not to return to your place the following year.

What candies or treats do you or did you hate getting on Halloween?

3 Responses to “8 of the Worst Halloween Candies or Treats Ever”
  1. I love caramel, peanuts, peanut butter, black licorice, and all sorts of taffy. I do not enjoy pure chocolate, only milk chocolates with caramels or nuts. The Peanut Kisses, Mary Janes, and Bit-o-Honeys are all my favorites as are the Good and Plenty and black licorice whips. Red vines should not masquerade as licorice at all. You probably enjoy dark chocolate, while I would consider that offensive and disgusting to eat. Dark chocolate on a Peppermint Patty is acceptable, but not as good as milk chocolates with mint centers.

    BTW, the flavor you’re not recognizing in the Peanut Kisses is honey.

    • Deasue says:

      I always loved these black and orange wrapped peanut butter kisses…. along with licorice and Mary Jane’s and Bit-O-Honey’s. Sorry. Those were my favorites!

  2. Tim says:

    Your personal tastes are totally not my personal tastes. I LOVE the peanut butter kisses, and really like the Bit-O-Honey and Mary Janes. As a kid I was thrilled to see those orange and black wrapped chunks of pleasure in my Halloween bag!

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