4 Fun Holiday Party Themes

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and while eating and drinking is always a good time, make your party something to remember by incorporating a fun theme. Your friends will have a blast and will thank you for doing something unexpected.

1. Holiday Movie Viewing Party – Plan this party to fall just before the hectic fever of the holidays hit. Your friends will welcome the idea of lounging in their jammies, drinking hot cocoa and watching films like It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and Elf. Details like movie ticket invitations and hot buttered popcorn during show time will make the night complete.

2. Cookie Swap – Not looking forward to baking dozens of different holiday cookies? Have your friends do it. Host a cookie swap party and have each of your friends make a few batches of one cookie recipe. You get together, drink some wine and swap cookies. Voila! Instant variety without all the work.

3. Gift Wrapping – Wrapping gifts can be a tedious chore but not if you incorporate some alcohol and few of your closest friends. Have everyone bring some supplies and create a cool holiday playlist from artists like The Flaming Lips, The Raveonettes and Arcade Fire. Mix up a bowl of holiday punch and let the gift wrapping begin.

4. Holiday Outing – Spend some quality time with your best buds in the great outdoors and plan a party that involves winter activities like sledding, ice-skating, sleigh rides and snowmen. (snowball fight girl/guy)

Image and Article Sources: Oprah.com and Martha Stewart.com

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